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Ability to Edit Community Post Subject in Response/LSW

Ability to Edit Community Post Subject in Response/LSW

User Story: As a Moderator, I want to be able to edit the Subject of community post directly in Response/LSW so that I can work more efficiently and not waste time and productivity by switching platforms to go back to the native community to make the edits. 

One of the biggest pain-points our moderators tell me is that they cannot edit the Subject of a community post in Response/LSW, but instead they will have to go back to our native community directly, re-find that post, sign-in (if they previously were not), and then make the necessary Subject edits. Both LSW and the native community allow moderators to edit the Body of a post, but the Subject can only be edited in the native community. Our processes have the moderators work solely in Response, but because Subject lines cannot be editing in Response/LSW, we have to allow the moderators out of LSW and into the native community for this capability. 

If you can edit the Body of a post, why not the Subject as well? This will really help streamline the workflow for our team! 

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