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Html Vs Html5

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               HTML                          HTML5
HTML Doctype declaration is lengthy. DOCTYPE declaration in HTML5 is simple.
HTML Character encoding is longer. HTML5 Character encoding declaration is simple.
Audio and video are not HTML parts. Audio and video are HTML5 part.
It is possible to draw a vector with the help of other technologies like Silverlight, Flash, VML, etc. Vector graphics are a part of HTML5, e.g., canvas, SVG.
It is impossible to get the actual Geolocation of a person browsing any website. JS Geolocation API in HTML5 enables you to identify the location of the user browsing any website.
HTML offers local storage instead of cookies. Html5 uses cookies to store data.
In HTML, it is not possible to draw basic shapes. In Html5, it is possible to draw basic shapes.
It allows you to run JavaScript in a browser. It enables you to run JavaScript code in the background.
You can use HTML with all old browsers. You can use HTML5 with all new browsers.
You can use browser cache as temporary storage. You can use application (database and web storage) Cache as temporary storage.
Web Socket is not available. You can establish full-duplex communication channels with a server using Web Sockets.
There is no process to handle structurally incorrect HTML codes. HTML5 supports persistent error handling via the improvised error handling process.
HTML is less mobile-friendly. HTML5 is mobile friendly.
Attributes like async, charset, and ping are not present in HTML. Attributes of async, ping, charset, and are a part of HTML5.
HTML does not allow drag and drop effects HTML5 allows drag and drop effects.
Offer new attributes like tabinex, id, tabinex, etc. These are certain attributes which are applied to HTML 5 elements.



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