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ICS Roles

The “Syndicator”, “Nominator” & “SyndicatorAdmin” roles are specific to the syndication dropdown.

  • Nominator - User is able to nominate his/her own posts for syndication and nominated posts will go through moderation queue.
  • Syndicator - User is able to nominate any post for syndication and nominated posts will go through moderation queue.
  • SyndicatorAdmin - User is able to syndicate any content and the post will go directly to the target community without moderation. Users with this role need to moderate the content that was suggested for syndication from the moderation queue. In order to view ICS Admin, a user also needs to have Administrator privileges. The SyndicatorAdmin role alone will not grant ICS Admin access.


ICS Workflow

ICS Workflow.png



Moderation of Syndicated Content in ICS Admin

Users with the "SyndicatorAdmin" role also have access to the "ICS Admin" dashboard, which is used for moderating content suggested for syndication and which is inaccessible to users with other ICS roles. You can find "ICS Admin" on the right side at the very bottom of the Category dashboard (which can be found under the carousel).Community Dashboard ICS Admin.png

These are the direct URLs for navigating to the dashboard:

Power BI

Power Apps

Power Automate


Once in the ICS Admin dashboard, you will see a list of content suggested for syndication with the option to syndicate it into one or two of the other communities under Active Messages. For newly suggested content, both checkboxes for the other communities should be white.

  1. Select a community to syndicate the content to by clicking on the respective box.
  2. Click on "Syndicate".
  3. Once "Syndicate" has been selected, the box for the community that was selected will turn gray. For example, the second message in the screenshot below, "Microsoft flow save report as html to one drive" was syndicated into the Power Automate community, since it relates to Power Automate.
  4. Content can also be rejected for a community, if it is not relevant. You need to enter an explanation if you choose to reject content. If you select Reject for a community, the author of the post will receive a notification with your explanation for the rejection! Content that was rejected for syndication for a particular community cannot be syndicated to that target community again. A checkbox also turns gray if content has been rejected for syndication, just like content that has been syndicated. The Status tab, which we will get into further below, shows you what the status of the content is.

 ICS Admin.png


Other Functions of ICS Admin

In addition to containing the moderation queue for syndicated content, there are other elements of ICS Admin. These are the different elements of the dashboard:

Active Messages

This is the moderation queue explained in the previous section above.

ICS Admin Tabs.PNG



The Status tab shows you the target community for the content ("Target"), the content syndication status ("Completed", "Failed", and "Rejected"). The "Source Message Subject", which is the title of the content, the Target Message ID, Post Time, and Target Author Name. You can filter syndicated content by its status by using the Status drop-down menu.

ICS Admin Status.PNG



If a syndication request failed, you can Reprocess it.

ICS Admin Reprocess.PNG



Support & Maintenance

As of 12/24, per Ramesh, this tab is not fully implemented and should be ignored.


Syndication Reports

The Syndication Reports button on the right takes you to a community report for syndication. You may need to manually request access to the report if you get an access request message, instead of the report, after clicking on the button. The report includes a syndication statistics overview, syndication reach, syndication authors, community-specific syndication details, potential threads, and more.


Location of Syndicated Content That Did Not Go Through Moderation

Once content has been syndicated, it is available in the respective hidden boards in all target communities.

As part of your daily tasks, you should regularly check the following locations for content that was syndicated from other communities into your community and move it (see next step). You should subscribe to these boards, as subscribing will send you a notification, each time new content has been syndicated. These are the hidden boards to check:

Power BI

Ideas can't be syndicated to the PBI community because our Ideas board is external to the community.

Power Apps

Power Automate 


NOTE: If the author of the content does not have an account in the target community, using the same email and username as the source community, the author of this article will be listed as "ics_sys_usr". 


Moving the Syndicated Content

A user with the Administrator role in the target community will now need move the messages from the hidden ICS board to the correct location. The process if the same as for any other content that is being moved within the same community. In this example, we are moving a syndicated forum thread.


  1. Select "Move Message" from the drop-down menu under Topics Options on the top right.

Move ICS Post.png


2. Choose your destination. We are moving this thread to the Desktop support forum.

3. Don't select to leave a placeholder! (Placeholders don't expire, even though they should, and it creates a mess)

4. We usually don't select to notify users, if the thread is being moved.

Move ICS Post2.png


5. Click on the Move Post button at the bottom of the screen, and you are all set!

Editing or Deleting Syndicated Content

Please reference this article if you find  you need to edit or delete syndicated content:


ICS Support

Send an email to


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