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Cannot scroll through Flows list in PowerApps

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I am unable to scroll through the Flow list in PowerApps. I have tried zoom out in Browser, I see more flows then, but not to the flow that  I need (and this can't be a solution). This feature was working fine till yesterday. Kindly help me with a solution at the earliest.


It would be also nice to have a search option for the flows, it gets tedious to manually look through all Flow names to find the right one.



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@v-micsh-msft Is there an ETA or any update on this. I am having more issues with this, because the moment i am trying to add a new datasource (SQL table), all my existing connections (SQL tables and Flows) are lost and I get this error "Connection not configured for this service". I started getting this issue over 2 weeks ago, but it was just for SQL tables. So I added them back again, but this time it is for both SQL tables and flows and I am unable to add the flows back again, because the scroll option is not available. Please help me with a solution. And let me know if I should provide any more info

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