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Stop using plastic!

The amount of plastic we produced in the last ten years equals more than what we created in the 20th century as a whole.

Of course, this is due to the rising level of industry around the globe, with developing nations now going through their own version of industrialization.

Richard Thompson, an author of the 2009 report, said that plastics persist for a long time and we could easily use them over and over again. But instead, we throw them into the trash after one use, where they then go on to sit in landfills.

When exposed to the sun, they slowly decompose, but rather than producing organic emissions that are useful to the environment and the surrounding habitat, they emit toxic chemicals that pollute the water and soil.

And the process by which we create plastic produces emissions and run-off that are hazardous to the human body upon absorption.

The effect on surrounding wildlife, especially fish, is immense, with marine animals dying from poisoning after ingesting plastic particles. 




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