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Conversation Assigned to Offline Agents - Time Out

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Conversation Assigned to Offline Agents - Time Out

Hello all,

I would like to share a suggestion to aid with conversations that stay assigned after an agent went offline. Agents “on duty” would then retrieve the conversations using supervisor view or manage view.

Customers are often observed replying, “hello?” to no avail, as the conversation stays assigned to the offline agent. Over time, we have set up widgets (via shared dashboards) to help take action faster as it occurs.

While we try everything we can to notice it, we often fail to action in a timely matter. When we get to it, it’s a little too late. Generating a negative experience in a sense that we do not answer our customer quick enough.

A suggestion:

  • Set a “time-out” on CONVERSATIONS ASSIGNED TO OFFLINE AGENTS (ex: 15 or 30 min) AND release it to Available for the next available agent to handle.
  • Report such conversations as a "Unassigned Other” to monitor / keep track of the number of cases unassigned in order to be able to coach back repeat offenders.

I hope we can find a solution to our issue!

Please "kudo" if you support it! J

Example of widget we use: 


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